Microsoft shifts the focus of Windows 10X to single-screen devices

Microsoft confirms new known issue in Windows 10 v2004

Designed primarily for foldable PCs with multiple screens, the arrival of Windows 10X is highly anticipated.

We first wrote about the change of plans on April 9th when Mary Jo Foley broke the news, but I've known since the inception of this product that Windows 10X was never really about dual-screen devices, as Microsoft first publicly claimed. This also indirectly confirms that the Surface Neo and similar devices will no longer be finished this year.

Windows 10X, an operating system that Microsoft has been developing for dual-screen devices, is anticipated to launch sometime in the near future. Microsoft also suggested that users who put the OS in harness with dual-screen devices would experience wonderful productivity boosts. The feature was rolled out to To Do users on Android yesterday and is now available for both Windows 10 and iOS users. It offers two 9 inches that fold up to 13 inches. He didn't give a timetable for when Windows 10X laptops may arrive, but the operating system was originally meant to launch by fall 2020. Now Microsoft wants to find a new date for the Surface Neo. The operating system was developed at the start for flexibility and this flexibility now allows Microsoft to focus on devices with only one screen.

Microsoft says the DISM tool may help users fix Windows corruption errors, but the feature does not always report the correct status on systems running May 2020 Update (version 2004). "We will continue to look for the right moment, in conjunction with our OEM partners, to bring dual-screen devices to market", he said.

These single-screen devices are only a first expression of Win 10X.

Since March of this year, Windows 10 has an install base of more than a billion computers worldwide.

In the blog post Panay confirms the rumours were correct. Windows Mixed Reality, for example, may not work correctly for some on the May 2020 Update, with users recommended to hold off on updating through the "release preview" mechanism. That's an increase of 75 percent over the previous year.