Microsoft investigating Windows 10 2004 'No Internet' bug, how to fix

Microsoft Fixes Disk Cleanup Boot Errors In Windows 10 v2004

6 hours ago

Yasir Zeb

This time, Microsoft has confirmed a rather odd bug on some devices that have already been updated to Windows 10 version 2004.

While Windows 10X was originally designed for familiar form factors like laptops and tablets, Microsoft in 2019 chose to push its use in more interesting dual-screen form factors in a bid to further differentiate it from Windows 10 desktop.

But thankfully Windows 10 users will soon be getting more control over the patches they chose to install or not.

We had earlier reported that Microsoft was not satisfied with the performance of a number of Win32 apps when virtualized on 10X.

Microsoft is also investigating another similar issue where devices running Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909 or Windows Server 1903 and 1909 might be unable to access the Internet when using some wireless wide area network (WWAN) LTE modems.

Microsoft has acknowledged this issue and will likely roll out a fix in a future cumulative update.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft has chose to remove a technology called VAIL from the latest internal Windows 10X builds. Instead, OEM machines will arrive with Windows 10X on board. Then, in spring 2021, Microsoft would release Windows 10X. That year, Microsoft also expects to ship Windows 10X on new dual-screen PCs. If accurate, this is a significant delay to Microsoft's original launch plans. Further, it is clear that the Surface Neo, which was meant to be released in 2019, will not be a viable design in 2022 when flexible screens will surely be widespread and cheap.

Although users can continue browsing the Internet normally despite the presence of this yellow triangle, there are certain applications such as Spotify, Cortana and the Microsoft store that depend on the Internet state of Windows 10, and when recognizing the system that there is no adequate Internet connection (even if it exists), they don't end up working. Although an Internet connection could be established, only the status "No Internet" is shown to the users concerned.