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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One VS PS4 Console War Over: Pachter

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One VS PS4 Console War Over: Pachter

That's why it is all the more surprising that a respected financial analyst went on the record as saying that the console user base is "as big as it's ever going to get". Pachter, a well known game analyst who recently delivered a speech at the DICE Europe said that PlayStation 4, the number one selling game console, will now likely sell around 120 to 130 million units in its lifetime. He reckons that console will sell around 100 to 110 million consoles. He went on to discuss the notion of console unit sales eroding as microconsoles and alike may continue to grow.

Michael Pachter may not be talking about the cloud, but he firmly believes that the next generation gaming system will not need a console.

The last generation of consoles, he says, sold a combined total of 270 million units, roughly 10 million more than he expects the current generation of consoles to sell.

The Wii U Gamepad held a lot of promise for Nintendo; however, it only managed to receive mediocre reviews upon release and failed to create a legacy similar to Gamecube, NES, and SNES controllers. Picking up games through a TV or alternative platform would in theory be a great thing for getting new gamers into the industry, while consoles could still be a main stable for gaming to launch new games on, just like is done today.

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There is an obvious competition when it comes to gaming console specifications, but there is also the undeniable competition when it comes to popularity brought by sales record. This is up from the PS3, although a little shy from the 155 million units the PS2 sold. Pachter argues that there's a market of several million people who would never buy a console to play a game, but would definitely buy a game if it could run on their existing hardware.

"To make it easier for the Europeans in the room, how many more people would play Federation Internationale de Football Association if a console wasn't required?" If the news proved true, it will make its much-awaited debut at E3 2016.

Patcher also made a prediction that this is the last time we will see proper consoles. "It is going to happen".

I think the traditional gamer market - which has high standards - does broaden. But the only way you actually see a step function change in that is to pull the console out of the equation, and make it open to people who can't afford or won't buy a console.