Michelle Obama slams Donald Trump for being egoistic

Barack Obama on Raid That Killed Laden Components inside Pakistan military had hyperlinks to Al-Qaeda

"A Promised Land" is the first of two planned volumes.

Obama talked about how as he was getting elected president, there was a shift in the way information had always been disseminated.

Obama wrote that he knew ordering a military strike inside an allied state violated its sovereignty but he made a decision to go for it as he did not want to miss the chance to take out the Al Qaeda leader.

The post came as Trump continues to refuse to concede the recent election to President-elect Joe Biden, despite the Democrat's resounding projected victory in the Electoral College. Donald Trump had spread racist lies about my husband that had put my family in danger.

I think every president has been held to a different standard relative to this president.

Among things she talked about with Melania include "how to raise children at the White House". I'm more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this, are humoring him in this fashion. Meanwhile, the General Administration Services, a little known agency that, under U.S. law, holds the key to granting Biden's team access to government agencies and transition funds, has so far not recognised Biden's victory.

"We would never accept that out of our own kids behaving that way if they lost, right?" "But Obama does feel like a savior, as do our customers for buying this from us". "They are temporary occupants of the office". And they have the character and experience, I think, to do an outstanding job in a very hard time, a very challenging time in this country.

He added: "My advice to President Trump is, if you want at this late stage in the game to be remembered as somebody who put country first it's time for you to do the same thing".

And speaking on the importance of a peaceful transition with King, Obama similarly said that "it's a temporary job. That's the essence of our democracy".

FORMER US President Barack Obama has revealed he is a fan of U2 after including the Irish band's iconic anthem Beautiful Day on a playlist of "memorable songs" from his time in the White House. "While the Central Intelligence Agency team continued to work on identifying the Pacer, I asked Tom Donilon and John Brennan to explore what a raid would look like", he wrote.

The first-day figures outpaces the phenomenal success of Becoming, the memoir penned by Obama's wife, former first lady Michelle Obama. "She'd be like what?"

"Part of what I write about is the degree to which the media changes in a way that I did not fully anticipate", Mr. Obama said during the interview, which aired Tuesday.