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Michael Bloomberg Poised To File For Democratic Presidential Primary In Alabama

Michael Bloomberg Is Preparing To Enter The Democratic Presidential Race

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg will have a "difficult" time jumping into the 2020 race should the former NY mayor decide to run, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Friday.

Bloomberg initially ruled out a 2020 run and has not made a final decision on whether to jump into the race.

Bloomberg, the billionaire philanthropist and media mogul who served as Mayor for three terms, openly floated running for president late a year ago but took himself out of the running in March. Elizabeth Warren of MA is leading in many national and Iowa polls.

In a statement on Thursday evening, Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said the former mayor is anxious that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates is "not well positioned" to defeat President Donald Trump.

If elected, Sanders would be 79 when he took office; Biden would be 78; and Warren would be 71. Bernie Sanders, who are flush with cash from small-dollar donors.

"I believe I would defeat Donald Trump in a general election". Pelosi's a bit old, and while I like her as Speaker, her speaking style for a an every day popular national campaign seems a bit patchy. That could present a major threat to former Vice President Joe Biden, who's been falling in the polls and trailing in fundraising. In October 2018, he seemingly decided his best shot at winning was as a Democrat, re-registering with the party, arguing Democrats "provide the checks and balance our nation so badly needs".

Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen.

Bloomberg plunged his efforts - and his money - into gun control advocacy and climate change initiatives.

Mr Bloomberg has, I understand, been doing a lot of polling in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire. But how much is Bloomberg actually worth - and how did he get so rich?

Bloomberg's story is so similar to his billionaire counterpart in the race, Tom Steyer, that it's unclear why there is a need for another "outsider" wealthy candidate in the campaign.

Bloomberg reportedly filed paperwork for the presidential principal, declaring himself as a prospect in the condition of Alabama. The presence of the former NY mayor and multi-billionaire would set alight the race for the Democratic Party nomination.

But as of late, he became anxious that none of the Democrats running could beat Trump - especially if the leading liberals, Sens. Not that I've heard Bloomberg speak in a while either.

"Little Michael will fail", said Trump.

Bloomberg reached out to several prominent Democrats on Thursday, including Raimondo.

Some lawmakers tell us privately that they've heard this too many times before. "The spectacle of a media magnate essentially trying to buy the presidency, which is what a Bloomberg candidacy represents, just rubs salt in the wounds". "He is the foil".

Bloomberg also has a complicated political history that will be examined if he does join the race. "His last term as Mayor was a disaster!"

But in the past he's ruled himself out because he thought Americans wouldn't vote for a billionaire NY businessman. Black voters in particular are one of the most powerful constituencies in Democratic politics. It means a candidate can enter the race for the February 3 leadoff contest at any time. The other top-tier candidates have glaring weaknesses that have deepened Democrats' sense of anxiety as well.