Michael B. Jordan seeking a partner with a good 'sense of humour'

Michael B. Jordan shirtless in Creed

The announcement was made on Jimmy Kimmel Live! via a guessing game; Jordan arrived in a yellow hazmat suit with a smiley face blocking him from view and a voice adjustment device with guesses from the audience as to who it was.

Jordan, 33, has starred in movies including "Creed", "Just Mercy", "Black Panther" and "Fruitvale Station". Tuesday night. He told Kimmel that for some of his friends, this new title is just one more way to rib him.

Along with his acting endeavors, Jordan has championed change behind the scenes in Hollywood.

Jordan played Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, in Marvel's "Fantastic Four", and then Adonis "Donnie" Creed, the son of boxer Apollo Creed, in the "Rocky" sequel "Creed" and his entry point at the Marvel cinematic Universe as "Erik Killmonger".

The Golden Maknae of the Bangtan Boys also competed for the first place in the ranking of "Topper", a list that British singer Harry Styles won, while the mention of "The sexiest man in the world 2020" was taken by Michael B. Jordan.

"It's a cool feeling".

" You know, everybody was always doing that joke, like 'Mike, that's the only thing you're probably not going to win, '" he said.

"Dashing, Driven & Daring", the magazine says of Jordan on its November 30 cover.

Jordan admitted that when his grandmother was still alive, she collected the issues, and her mom and his aunt read People Magazine a lot.

JustJared.com has gathered up 20 pics, in honor of 2020, to prove that Michael deserves the title and you're going to love each and everyone one of them! The riders stipulate that a cast and crew must be diverse as part of the contract.

In 10 years, Michael B. Jordan hopes to direct and produce more than act.

"You told me the news and it was a moment like 'S ***, really? I?"