Mexico's COVID Death Toll Revision Is Staggering

A health care worker walks outside of University Hospital in London Ont

The Mexican government admitted Saturday on its website that the actual death toll from the coronavirus pandemic is more than 322,000 people, 60% higher than the official figure (so far) of 201,429 dead, based on the number of deaths confirmed with diagnosed tests.

Crematorium workers burn the coffins that contained the remains of people who died from the coronavirus after their cremation at Mexico City past year.

The left-wing populist, who announced in February that he had recovered from a Covid-19 infection, has worn a mask only on rare occasions and kept up his cross-country tours during the pandemic.

According to data from this new report, Mexico's death toll would be higher than Brazil's and would place the country as second worst-hit in the world, following the US.

2,455 deaths of those deaths happened during the first wave of the virus and 5,100 during the ongoing second wave of the virus, with the rest in-between. It is mostly reserved for those who have died from the coronavirus.

Just over half of Wales' population now have Covid antibodies, giving them some protection from the virus, a study has suggested.

Total excess deaths in Mexico during the pandemic stood at 417,002 by the sixth week of 2021, according to the data.

"A review of death certificates found about 70.5% of the excess deaths were COVID-19 related, often because it was listed on the certificates as a suspected or contributing cause of death".

However some experts believe the virus may have contributed to many more excess deaths because many people couldn't receive treatment at overwhelmed hospitals.

Former President Felipe Calderón, Tweeted on Saturday that "more than 400,000 Mexicans have died, above the average for previous years ... probably the highest figure in the world".