Mercedes-Benz reveals latest MBUX Hyperscreen infotainment system

Mercedes-Benz reveals MBUX Hyperscreen infotainment system

It will debut in the fully-electric EQS Sedan later this year, which will be the flagship electric model from the automaker's new EQ electric brand.

Stretching nearly entirely from one A-pillar to the other, the Hyperscreen is a high-definition 55-inch OLED curved display created to wow occupants and can make personalised suggestions for numerous functions, without having to navigate endless sub-menus.

Although the curved display is packaged as one piece, it contains three separate OLED screen panels, which have been configured to blend together seamlessly under the Gorilla Glass surface.

Additional ambient lighting installed in the lower part of the screen is supposed to make the display appear to "float" on the instrument panel. Mercedes packs it with intuitive features and artificial intelligence created to aid the driving and commuting experience. It's like a digital assistant that makes suggestions for vehicle functions and entertainment choices using artificial intelligence. Mercedes says the system is created to notice patterns or habits in your driving behaviours, saying Hyperscreen has 'context-sensitive awareness.' While essential controls are always front and centre, certain driving behaviours or habits the auto is made aware of over time will mean it starts to suggest or even perform certain functions for you before you even think about it. It can show navigation, Bluetooth, music, phone, and even HVAC controls. These details will give insight into the display unit's control over functionality, material, design, technical details, its unique features and its development. With seven profiles available for use, the system can distinctly remember each profile's wants, needs, and preferences. A front seat passenger can watch a movie for example, without disturbing the driver by wearing bluetooth headphones. "We didn't want to build the biggest screen ever in a vehicle".

All recommendations and settings for the system are tied to a specific driver. A highlight is the lens-shaped object that moves between the displayed "clamps", depicting the G-Force forces. Augmented-reality overlays help the driver, and there's haptic feedback throughout the screen spaces. The incredibly wide touchscreen will revolutionize the German automaker's interior vehicle design as it aims to keep up with Tesla's industry-leading electric vehicle lineup, which has one of the most revolutionary interiors that has changed the way rival auto companies are designing vehicle cabins. "We merge technology with design in a fascinating way that offers the customer unprecedented ease of use. We love simplicity and have reached the new level of MBUX".