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Marjorie Taylor Greene to introduce resolution to expel Maxine Waters from Congress

Maxine Waters attends protest over police killing of Daunte Wright

And she said it in a city that has seen protests and arrests in its streets for the last week.

A chorus of Republicans blasted Rep. Maxine Waters Sunday for telling angry protesters to "stay in the streets" and "get more confrontational" during the seven-straight night of unrest in Minnesota - saying the California Democrat's fiery comments could incite violence in a state already on edge.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she'd introduce a resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters.

Cahill did not grant the defense's request for a mistrial, but he went on to excoriate Waters for her comments.

It was the site of a recent, fatal police shooting, this time of local man Daunte Wright, 20, who, like Floyd, was Black.

"We've got to stay in the streets, and we've got to demand justice", Waters urged the crowd, breaking a curfew set by police.

According to Fox News, Waters told reporters during the demonstration she is "going to fight with all of the people who stand for justice", adding, "We've got to get justice in this country, and we can not allow these killings to continue". We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business.

As reporters gathered around her, Waters said the protesters ultimately needed to show up at the polls for candidates who align with their views.

At the protest, Waters said she and the crowd are "looking for a guilty verdict" for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

The jury had been told not to watch the news, he explained and he trusted that they were following those instructions and did not feel one congresswoman's opinion was enough to taint the entire process.

Asked if she believed Waters' comments have incited violence as Republicans have suggested, Pelosi responded: "No, absolutely not".

Greene added: "As a sitting United States Congresswoman @MaxineWaters threatened a jury demanding a guilty verdict and threatened violence if Chauvin is found not guilty". She accused Biden of abusing his power by allowing his son Hunter Biden to serve on the board of a Ukranian energy company.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) slammed Waters - who in 2018 encouraged her supporters to harass members of then-President Donald Trump's Cabinet - arguing that she is just reacting to the Democratic base. "Democrats actively encouraging riots & violence".

Maxine Waters is inciting violence in Minneapolis - just as she has incited it in the past. For all of the people making the "what about Republicans!" argument, remember this: You can only claim the moral high ground if you don't get down in the dirt yourself.

"Well, I'll give you that Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned", Judge Peter Cahill replied. And several of whom circulated a flier last week promoting the creation of the "America First" caucus that promised, among other things to foster "common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions".