Man punches kangaroo in the face to rescue dog

The kangaroo was punched in the face after it released the man's dog

The man, later identified as Greig Tonkins, is reportedly an elephant keeper at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, New South Wales.

But that hasn't stopped viewers going nuts for the weird face-off, with more than 4.7million people watching the clip after it was shared on Facebook.

Video of man allegedly punching a kangaroo in the face after it had his dog in a head-lock has proved a massive hit.

Tonkins punches the kangaroo right on his chin, leaving the marsupial startled.

Anyway, the man - who has some solid pace - bolts over to the Kangaroo and instantly engages, causing Skippy to release the dog in preparation for his next battle. That's why the group was filming the hunt in the first place - they put together a DVD for the young man after the trip.

"It was amusing because [Mr Tonkins] is the most placid bloke".

"Well, we're not sure what's going on here but the roo has the dog, not the other way around", a man can be heard saying in the background.

But underneath the humour, and behind the story of just what happened leading up to the now famous roo punch, Mr Amor revealed a touching tale of mateship lay at the heart of the video.

He went on to explain the entire outing came to be when a teen with a rare bone cancer wanted to catch a 220-pound wild boar with his dogs as a final wish.

At this point, we feel like we should mention it's not cool to go out and throw hands with a wild kangaroo, and you should probably keep a close eye on your dogs while you're out bush.

The Mail says that Tonkins is also a member of the Australian Pig Doggers and Hunters Association, a pig-hunting organisation, at which Max the dog won a high-jump competition earlier this year.

Kailem & Brandi-Lee from Erin Easey Photography on Vimeo.

"Kailem would be looking down from up there [heaven] and laughing because it was the highlight of the trip", he said.