Malaysia's Covid-19 vaccine supply expected in Q1 next year

The US Food and Drug Administration authorizes the resumption of trials

The British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is also resuming its series of tests on a possible vaccine in the United States after a patient becomes ill.

"To cover these additional expenses, the company will add an amount equivalent to a maximum of 20% of the manufacturing costs to ensure there is no material impact on its finances this year while continuing efforts to provide the vaccine at no profit during the pandemic", the statement added. The company has suggested it could approach US regulators for an emergency-use authorization as soon as the outset of 2021.

Jens Spahn was quoted as saying in Der Spiegel on Friday that a vaccine could be available in January, or maybe in February or March, or even later, but said there would be no compulsory vaccination. Pauses due to adverse events are quite common in big trials, he said. The company also declined to disclose whether the volunteer who got sick received the vaccine or not, because the trial is still blinded.

33 of the vaccines are still in early-stage Phase One testing, while 14 have progressed to expanded safety trials. Since then, the drugmaker and its partner, the University of Oxford, have faced pressure to disclose more information about the episode.

AstraZeneca, one of the leading vaccine developers, paused its U.S. trial on September 6 after a report of a serious neurological illness, believed to be transverse myelitis, in a participant in the company's United Kingdom trial.

COVAXIN has been developed in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research's National Institute of Virology (ICMR-NIV).

Johnson & Johnson said it's preparing to resume recruitment soon for its US vaccine study.

Even though FDA approval will not be sought until after the U.S. presidential election, the processes could be completed in a matter of weeks.

Results from the late-stage trials of the Astra-Oxford shot are expected later this year, and will depend on local rates of infection where the studies are taking place, according to Astra.

Noting that the Union government would announce the launch date of the vaccine after its production was commenced, Dr Sudhakar said other priority groups, including senior citizens and people with co-morbidities, would be vaccinated in a phased manner after the healthcare warriors.