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Loud 'explosion' heard across London sparks mass panic

Loud 'explosion' heard across London sparks mass panic

A loud bang heard across Hertfordshire early this morning caused homes to shake, set vehicle alarms off and led to many thinking a bomb had gone off in the county.

Police have said they are investigating and that there is no cause for public concern.

Around 4:15am this morning, social media posts suggested there has been a loud bang or explosion in the region.

London's Metropolitan Police said they were aware of reports of a "loud bang" in the north London area at 4.46 a.m. local time, but said there were no reports of an explosion and that police were looking into the incident.

'The loud bang heard one day of north London and surrounding areas was as soon as the stop effect of a sonic increase from RAF planes, ' it tweeted.

It turned out to be a sonic growth from Royal Air Pressure fighter jets. "There is no cause for concern".

It is miles believed two Eurofighter Typhoons taking off from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire were the source of the sonic increase.

Herts Fire Control said that they received a large volume of calls from across the whole of Hertfordshire regarding the boom.

Sonic booms are caused when an aircraft travels faster than the speed of sound.

The UK Ministry of Defence later tweeted that the two typhoon aircraft were scrambled "after an aircraft lost communications in the UK airspace".

RAF jets are only given permission to go supersonic in emergencies, usually when they are required to intercept another aircraft.

The Met Police subsequently confirmed the bang was the result of RAF aircraft.

She added the Typhoons had since returned to their base. "Heard a loud plane noise soon after", he wrote, adding that it was "maybe just a sonic boom".