London's Chief of Police's message about the 'Stay-at-Home' order


As of midnight this morning (January 14th), the province has a stay-at-home order in effect for all Ontarians, only allowing essential travel for groceries, pharmacy visits, doctor visits and medical appointments or exercise.

The release also confirms that people will not be compelled to provide an explanation as to why they are out of the house and simply being outside can not qualify as evidence of non-compliance.

Residents travelling to work are also not required to have proof from their boss that they are doing so.

The order will remain in place for at least 28 days.

He said officers wouldn't be pulling over vehicles at random, but if they stop someone for speeding or other infractions, they will ask drivers if there is a valid reason they are outside of their home.

Owen Sound Police Chief Craig Ambrose said the regulations are relatively straightforward and come with a wide range of fines for anyone not complying. Under the new measures, a maximum of five people may gather outdoors where physical distancing can be maintained.

As of Wednesday, Ontario was reporting a total of 224,984 COVID-19 diagnoses since the pandemic began.

The provincial government has put a pause on all residential evictions during the now in effect stay-at-home order. "Only leave home for essential purposes such as food, health care, exercise or work". The province has said there's no set definition for what is "essential" because everyone has their own unique circumstances and regional considerations. "But, where there is evidence of non-compliance, officers will be ticketing and issuing summonses for individuals and businesses".