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Libya summit to call for sanctions if ceasefire violated, draft agreement says

Berlin talks to seek political solution to Libya crisis

France has also given some support.

However, the bitter rivals did not meet directly with Merkel citing differences of "great magnitude".

But he added he did not yet see a ceasefire, and as he spoke there were reports of air raids in Tripoli and further enforced closure of oil installations by tribesmen trying to influence the conference's outcome.

Guterres told reporters that "all participants today committed to support the ceasefire", while Merkel announced that the warring sides in Libya's conflict agreed that an arms embargo is necessary to reach a lasting ceasefire. German foreign minister Heiko Maas said Sarraj and Haftar had "in general" agreed to solve the output blockage, without giving a timeframe.

For Turkey, a fall of Sarraj's GNA could jeopardise a maritime boundary agreement the parties signed. "It will soon become clear which is true".

"This could be a real step forward and is the best that could have been hoped for from this gathering".

Libya has had no stable central authority since dictator Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown by NATO-backed rebels in 2011.

However, after Turkey deployed troops to support the United Nations-recognised GNA, tribes close to Haftar threatened to close down the "oil crescent" - a string of export hubs along Libya's northeastern coast under Haftar's control since 2016.

The conflict has grown into a tangled proxy war, drawing in foreign powers from the region and further afield as they pursue their own security and economic interests.

Haftar is backed by the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Sudanese and Chadian fighters, and most recently Russian mercenaries.

The conflict has been made more complex by Turkey's determination to extend its gas drilling rights in the eastern Mediterranean.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, said at the conference that the presence of Syrian and other foreign forces in Libya must end immediately.

Amid the latest apparent ceasefire violation in which GNA forces on Sunday accused Haftar's militia of opening fire on them in southern Tripoli, Sarraj issued a plea for global "protection troops" if Haftar keeps up his offensive.

"It should be ensured that a ceasefire and return to political process are agreed at the Berlin summit in order for Libya to attain peace and calm", Erdogan said in Berlin during the televised part of the meeting with Putin.

The events as well as reports of the ceasefire being breached will call into question how honest the rivals are in setting aside arms and engaging with the United Nations peace process, which was first proposed by Ghassan Salame, chief of the UN's Libya mission, last July.

"Long experience makes us doubt the intentions, seriousness and commitment of the other side, whom everyone knows seeks powers at any price", Sarraj told news agency DPA.

Libya's internationally recognized government in Tripoli had been under attack by Haftar since last April, and fighting over the last nine months killed more than 1,000 people.

"Erdogan is the leader of terrorist groups", read one sign from supporters of the general, while supporters of the government held another featuring Haftar's face and the caption "no to the military coup".