Lewis Hamilton wins record-tying seventh F1 world championship

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain during a practice session at the Istanbul Park circuit racetrack in Istanbul Turkey on Thursday

The 2020 Turkish Grand Prix also marks the 94th win of his career, eclipsing Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Alain Prost, and the late Ayrton Senna.

"We told him we would be ready if he chose to do so, and he went along, and so that was the right combination of strategy calls". So, while you're here, paying attention, I want to ask everyone to do their part in helping to create a more equal world.

"I know I often I say it is beyond wildest dreams but my whole life secretly I have dreamt as high as this", said Hamilton. Hamilton could even clinch the title in some scenarios, even if he finishes behind his teammate, for instance if Bottas is third (15 points) and Hamilton places sixth (eight points) or better.

"I think overall for us it was quite a positive day and the vehicle is working well so I'm pretty happy about that", said Verstappen.

"The track surface grip is the worst I've ever experienced in any year of racing".

Lewis Hamilton fought back tears after winning a record-equalling seventh world title in devastating fashion.

"It's so important for kids - dream the impossible".

"I am stuck, I am stuck" he cried on team radio. "We just need to look into why it hit me so much harder than the other vehicle". I want to push to hold ourselves accountable as a sport, to realise that we've got to face and not ignore the human rights issues that are around the countries that we go to.


"Look at what has happened today, he was as hungry as a lion, driving a vehicle on slicks in the end". Let's be more accepting and kinder to each other.

Just as he was untouchable in the sun-baked mountains of Styria in July, he conjured a pole lap under Hungarian downpours that Toto Wolff, his team principal, described as "not from this world".

"Today I deserve my respect". I couldn't have done this without an incredible group of people behind me but there is another great driver alongside me who has the same vehicle who didn't finish where I finished.

"You get onto the green bit, big spin, trying to keep it out of the wall of course, flatted-spotted the tyres".

"And also particularly moving more sustainable, you know, as a sport".

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"There was not one foot he put wrong today while everybody else did".

The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver was positive after arriving at the track with a good handle of the vehicle, while he was also pleased that the team was able to react to the hard conditions that presented themselves on Friday.