Lauren Graham's two TV daughters will unite on 'Gilmore Girls' revival

NETFLIX Gilmore Girls Revival Whitman and Graham of'Parenthood to reunite in'Gilmore Girls Revival

Mae Whitman, who played Graham's daughter Amber on Parenthood, is joining the revival TV Line and Entertainment Weekly report. Whitman's social media accounts bear witness to her high enthusiasm for Netflix's Gilmore Girls continuation.

Graham took the opportunity to introduce her former onscreen daughters to each other for the first time, and Whitman posted a photo of their meeting on Instagram. Whitman also admitted to Us Weekly at the ATX TV Festival that she and Graham have such a bond offscreen that it's difficult for her to imagine her being a mum to anyone else.

The fight between Team Dean and Team Jess on the "Gilmore Girls" revival is no longer just between the boys themselves, but between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel as well. We don't know what her role will be yet, but we do know she'll be sharing the screen with Alexis Bledel!

"The foods look so delicious, comforting, perfect for the season", Carlson said in a video, which features her adorning various Gilmore Girls characters' signature outfits.

As of this writing, no official announcement has been made yet regarding the premiere date of the series.


Mae Whitman will be appearing on an episode of the Gilmore Girls revival series!