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Latest Snapchat Features to explore

Latest Snapchat Features to explore

Snapchat is updated more frequently than any other social app you can think of. Beside the camera function, users can now enjoy tons of newly-added features in the chat sharing section, and this makes it feel more interesting and user-friendly. It now looks fresh and distinct. Even those who spend a good chunk of their time on Royal Vegas online casino can now take a break and keep in touch with friends via this cool platform. Video and voice-calling is enhanced more than ever. It appears the social app is on its way to brushing shoulders with major social giants like Facebook and Google+. 

So here are the updates that Snapchat has made so far. We’ve gone out of the way to highlight features that would be really helpful to a regular Snapchat user looking to enjoy more features. 

6 latest Snapchat features to take advantage of in your free time 

1 View or share your links feature 

In this feature, users can share links so that the recipient can open them using the in-built app browser. This means users can view links without having to leave the app first. Once they are done, they can just tap the arrow pointing down on top of the browser to switch to Snapchat. 

2 Emoji inside videos 

Pinning emojis on videos is now possible with this function. The emoji can rotate, scale or move with the object in the video. To use this feature, you should take your video and then select the emoji you want to use. This process requires you to use your finger to move and pin it appropriately. 

3 You can change color of text, size, and orientation too 

Pinching and zooming into the screen will increase the size of the text. In addition to this, you can change the color of the text or move it to anywhere you want within the display. 

4 Geo-filters 

Snapchat has added an exciting feature called Geo-filters. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US, UK and Canada. This feature is about adding location-based effect into your pictures, thus rendering them even more attractive based on your current location. 

5 You can manipulate your videos into slow-motion, fast-forward and rewind modes 

To access these features, you should slide the display sideways. The slow-motion feature is activated using a snail symbol button. Rabbit symbolizes fast-forward. Similarly, rewind is symbolized using backward-facing arrows. 

6 You can also draw in traditional black and white colors 

Once you’re bored with placing bets at Royal Vegas online casino and are looking for something else to spend time on, you can opt to draw in black and white and then share those pictures. 

Snapchat gives you this functionality by allowing you tap the color pallet and manipulate it according to your desire. It’s straight-forward, so you just have to experiment if you can really draw good pictures.

When looking for the latest Snapchat hacks and features, you can’t miss out on the above features because they make the platform even more interesting to use. You are no longer restricted to the old-fashioned way of chatting using Snapchat.