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Latest EKOS Poll Shows Conservatives Ahead

Canada opposition Liberals vow crackdown on tax loopholes

Suppose voters want to see the corporate tax rate lowered, or the death penalty reinstated, or assault rifles legalized - the Conservative Party is of no use.

They include Leadnow, a non-profit group funded through individual donations, which is doing polling in closely fought districts, or swing seats.

"The Conservative changes to employment insurance are a big deal".

Things are looking especially tough for the ruling Conservatives.

Celebrities do seem to carry more endorsement weight than influential political figures. Though he didn't win in the end, this certainly helped Topp find the edge to surge past Dewar and his four other contenders, and come quite close to seizing party leadership against Mulcair.

Another grassroots effort is, a website set up by Alberta-based information technology manager Hisham Abdel-Rahman that identifies more than 100 districts where he believes strategic voting could change the outcome.

One senior Conservative in the region is seething at what he believes are missed opportunities. "But I'm hoping that if enough people go out, surprises can happen". They wrote us off - full stop.

However, the Conservative Party is good at that sort of campaign too.

The NDP has promised to repeal the bill, while the Liberals - who voted for the legislation - have indicated a need for changes. "Not an invitation to linger", he says over his shoulder. Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau probably won't congratulate Stephen Harper on such news, but the Conservative case might be slightly bolstered for Canada having officially avoided another recession.

The Liberals have yet to indicate what this measure will mean in terms of job losses.

The only blue leader from years past to endorse Mr. Harper is Brian Mulroney, who recently lent a small and 'rare' assist to the campaign at a rally in Quebec. Only 12 per cent would vote for NDP candidate Wendy Robinson and seven per cent for Green's Jason Blanch.

This week Maclean's listed science as the top policy concern for Canadians who voted in the magazine's policy "face-off". "I'm torn. I don't have a clue. My job is to provoke some reflection", he says. If you believe otherwise, the Liberals are your choice. Nunavut has a young population compared to the rest of Canada.

Fillmore expresses frustration that he is standing outside a burning building with a bucket of water, while the homeowner dithers on whether to take the bucket. "Imagine what we could do if we had a sitting member", said Carvery. The role of government is to make sure that you have a plan you follow the plan.

For middle-aged voters, the Liberals and the New Democrats are practically tied (32 per cent and 31 per cent, respectively).

"It's really the public that is bringing this up", Gibbs said. This suggests many so-called progressive voters are willing to support whichever party has the best chance of defeating the Conservatives.

Over 338 constituencies, that number only works out to about 200 votes per riding. Sorry, did I say government?

If clear blue water emerges between the two, it could turn into a flood.

The budget also predicted prices for North American crude would climb to $75 (U.S.) by 2017.

Other polls by Nanos and Leger show support for the three leader parties on an equal footing. A lot of people would like to know whom he was referring to.

Nevertheless, the race for South Shore is still too close to call.