Lady Gaga Unveils Her New Single "The Cure" At Coachella


In the late hours of last night, Lady Gaga topped off her headlining performance at Coachella with a brand spanking new song "The Cure". "I have been through so much in my life and I've seen so much and you cure me every time with your love".

In addition to her new single, Lady Gaga performed a number of her biggest hits including You and I, Alejandro and Telephone.

When the 90-minute show concluded, Gaga announced the dancehall-inspired track as her newest single.

Lady Gaga debuted her new single "The Cure" at Coachella this weekend. Over the years Gaga has released different types of music that plays into different audiences, and sometimes music that only her fans may bop to, but I honestly think The Cure will catch on with so many people. "And if you say you're okay, I'm going to fix you anyway". That title was originally set to go to Beyoncé, but she pulled out in February due to her pregnancy.

The song's premiere came during the middle of Gaga's Coachella performance, Entertainment Weekly reported, and got an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd, which numbered in the tens of thousands.

Gaga heaped praise on her fans during her set, and regularly talked to them. Throughout the chorus, she promises to be a cure to those who can't seem to find a cure or some sort of an escape from their issues.