Kyrie Irving Says LeBron James' Feelings Don't Matter And Twitter Goes Nuts

Boston Celtics' Kyrie Irving leaves a news conference in Boston Friday Sept. 1 2017

With uncertainty over his future and whether he would get his move prior to the new season, Irving was eventually granted his wish and was offloaded to the Boston Celtics just weeks ago. He appeared standoffish when asked if told James he wanted a trade.

"I was just very patient in my approach", Irving replied.

"As 25-year-old man coming to the courts every day to flawless his craft, Irving said he wanted to be in an environment where I felt like I could be taught every single day and have that demand from my coach instead of having a demand from a franchise that would propel me to see how far I could go", Irving said.

Irving finished by saying he doesn't care if anyone (i.e. LeBron) took his decision personally.

Irving went on to say that while he respects James and Cleveland, he felt he didn't need to consult others when making a decision that was best for his future.

"I don't think you anything to another person in terms of figuring out what you want to do with your life".

Irving did go on to give a more thoughtful response.

When asked if he talked to James prior to meeting with the Cleveland Cavaliers' brass to demand a trade, Irving responded with a simple "no".

A price can't be put on happiness, Irving said. "There is no time to figure out how to save someone's feelings when ultimately you have to be selfish in figuring out what you want to do". I have nothing but love for the time I spent there. There's no looking back from that standpoint.

He said he "absolutely" believes he can win without James and that he feels fortunate that he landed with the Celtics after "I really took a leap of faith with myself" with the trade request. "That was the only intent I have in all of this". It will be their first on the Cavaliers together since Kyrie Irving asked to be traded, setting up a long, unusual process where rumors swirled about his eventual destination and cost.