Korean actor Cha In Ha found dead in his home at 27

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The South Korean entertainment industry continues to be riddled with news of deaths. 'On December three, actor Cha In Ha left our sides.

We are sincerely heartbroken to share this sad news to everyone who has loved and supported Cha In Ha.

It is still not known how 27-year-old Cha died and fans are in a frenzy at the loss of yet another Korean star. A cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Born in 1992, Cha made his debut in the 2017 short film You, Deep Inside Of Me.

Fantagio, the agency handling the actor is also shocked and has expressed through a representative that they just received the news as well and will check details first before making a statement. "We are full of pain for this news that still it is hard to believe".

"We urge that the rumors are not widespread and that speculative reports are not made public so that his family, who feels greater sadness than anyone because of the sudden and sad news, sends him away peacefully". We categorical deep mourning for his passing'.

The member of the SURPRISE U actors group, whose work also included the movie "Love With Flaws", was discovered by his manager, according to reports.

They added, "As his family wished, the funeral will be held in camera".

Last month, K-pop singer Goo Hara was founded dead at the age of 28, which itself came a few weeks after the death of fellow K-pop star Sulli. He is now appearing in the MBC drama Love With Flaws as one of the three brother's of Oh Yeon Seo's character.