Kevin Hart crash report reveals reckless driving, no seat belts

Kevin Hart has

It has been determined that reckless driving was the cause of Kevin Hart's near-fatal accident in California, which resulted in the star requiring months of physical rehabilitation and major surgeries to fix his back.

The accident, which took place on September 1, 2019, had Kevin in the passenger's seat while Jared S. Black drove the actor's 40th birthday present to himself, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.

The 40-year-old father of three was in the passenger seat of his classic 1970 Plymouth muscle auto - without proper safety restraints - when it careened off an embankment in Malibu, California.

Investigators say it appears no one in the auto was wearing a seat belt.

"I have nothing but love for Jared and wish him and Rebecca a speedy recovery", Hart said in a statement provided to The Times on Friday via his attorney. The actor is already back at work to promote one of his upcoming films and, late last night, he issued his first public statement about the crash.

Actor Kevin Hart has returned to work following his vehicle crash, though he's taking things slow with just a few hours on set a day.

Per the report, however, though reckless driving was involved, Black was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. The sudden acceleration and loss of control apparently caused the auto to go into a spin as it crashed through fencing off Mulholland Highway and into an embankment.

Apparently, Hart was riding shotgun in a auto "not outfitted to carry rear-seat passengers", the report reads.

Hart featured the muscle vehicle on Instagram in August, a gift to himself for his 40th birthday. Meanwhile, Brettler also spoke to EW, revealing that his client is set for a work hiatus until early 2020 as he recovers from the accident. The CHP previously said he headed to his nearby home seeking medical help, and was later also hospitalized.

Hart, a Philadelphia native who became a standup comedy standout and in recent years has emerged as a major movie star.