Kanye West Running For President In 2024

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West told attendees at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York Thursday that he wants to show other black Americans that it's possible to achieve billionaire status, even if he has to change his name to do it.

"Martin Luther King did not get killed due to the fact he had a desire he had one thing else he was gong to talk about". Kanye said that the American Christian minister was not assassinated because he had a dream, but because he wanted to point out economic empowerment in the black community.

"I find myself to be extremely mentally strong and I have people who are obsessed with the comments, and I find that to be really unhealthy", she continued. "It will be on the license plate".

Kanye West has announced that he plans to run for president in 2024.

"What y'all laughing at?" he said.

During a Tuesday visit to The Real, the rapper's wife Kim Kardashian West revealed that West, 42, has "been going through this life change, and it's mostly about the kids".

Kanye West says he will be running for the position of the president of God's own country, the United States of America.

In conversation with Fast Company senior writer Mark Wilson, West referenced everybody from filmmaker Wes Anderson to Leonardo Da Vinci to Jesus Christ, but the focus was mostly on fashion. "I don't want it to be a big show, it's literally about the people forming a circle that is gonna keep us and hold us to the vows that we take".

That's not the only sustainability solution he intends to incorporate; West also said he will look into using lower-impact dyes.

"Within the next two years our goal is to bring the manufacturing back to America", the rapper said.

Kanye West released the first music from his No. 1 album "Jesus Is King" with his father on Friday afternoon.

The KUWTK star also talked about West's religious journey and how he has chose to be more mindful of what their children are exposed to. "So we have to reengineer the cities!"