Kanye West reveals how he met Kim Kardashian

Kanye West reveals how he met Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has revealed ambitions to set up her own law firm filled with ex-prisoners.

Kim fulfilled Stewart while shooting scenes for her upcoming documentary, Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Job, over the summertime.

Armenia's PM stressed that the incumbent government encourages the involvement of women in economic and political activities and stressed that this government has the biggest number of women.

Kim - who married Kanye in 2014 - said: "I mean, everyone would tell him "You can't be with her, she's a reality star".

Kardashian "broke the internet" when she confirmed she had enrolled on a legal apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm last summer, with a view to sit the California bar exam in 2022, in May's issue of Vogue.

The reality star of Keeping up with the Kardashians fame's ambitions haven't sprung out of nowhere.

He gushed in the preview: "Any time I was around her and I saw her, it was magnetic attraction to this force of energy".

North, the eldest of the Kardashian West children, was baptized in Jerusalem's St. James Cathedral, located in the historic Armenian Quarter in 2015, when Kardashian and husband, Kanye West traveled to Israel after their first visit to Armenia. "Why didn't this happen sooner?'" she continues. "We just always kept connecting and coming into each other's lives", Kim explains. Then, he invited me to Paris to his vogue give an explanation for, and that's when it came about. "She's going to sink your career!'" Kim admitted.

He describes her as, "good", "pure", "happy", "loving", "courageous" and "strong". And that's where our relationship started, "says Kim".