Justin Bieber Mocks Taylor Swift in Deleted Instagram Video

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There's been some bad blood between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift after his manager and close pal Scooter Braun - and Tay's enemy - bought up the rights to her entire album catalog in June.

Though it seems like Bieber was just trying to be amusing, his reenactment didn't exactly sit well with fans who believe he's mocking Swift and trying to stir up trouble. Justin mocked how a woozy Taylor wailed over a banana and wondered where it's head was. "Honestly so exhausted of him", one frustrated Swiftie tweeted.

This is the best Taylor Swift video ever.

In the video Taylor can be seen trying to snap a banana from a bunch and when she pulls one away she wails: "That's not the one I wanted!" before saying: "It has no head!" "Another wrote, "@justinbieber is the biggest hypocrite of all time.

"He's obsessed with her". Like what are they supposed to do not make fun of it? "It was meant to b a amusing video, at least they thought it was amusing". "Lord have mercy I hope I'm never this upset about someone I don't know!" Taylor's Tumblr post came after the businessman, 38, purchased her former label, Big Machine Records, and acquired her back catalog of master recordings.\nJustin later took to Instagram to apologize to Taylor for his past behavior, writing, "One thing i know is both scooter and i love you".

She followed it up by noting: "Listen".

"Listen. I think it's awesome how passionate you are and how hard you ride for someone you're a fan of, it's attractive how dedicated you are", Baldwin continued. "If there's something I did to personally hurt or offend you I'm sorry, it's not my intention to upset you by any means". I know cause I been there. all it's gonna do is make you miserable. "So for you to take it to social media and get people to hate on Scooter isn't fair", Bieber posted on Instagram after Swift took aim at Borchetta and Braun over the summer. "Trust me, I'm not worth the energy, nobody should be worth that energy!" But we'll see what happens.