Judge orders USPS to boost service amid election concerns

Judge orders USPS to boost service amid election concerns

According to NPR, eight states can not begin processing mail-in votes -which is different from counting mail-in votes - until Election Day. Furthermore, the divisive nature of the current president's record and rhetoric has energized voters all across the political spectrum, so Americans can expect a much higher volume of votes than years past.

PennLive compiled data on mail-in ballot delivery speed nationwide, for the period of Oct. 24-28 (excluding Sunday, Oct. 25), in the table below.

Even without her, the five right-wingers on the court this week barred Wisconsin from receiving and counting absentee ballots after Election Day, even if they were mailed before.

Later deadlines for mail-in votes, combined with the loose regulations on signatures and postmarks, mean voters could send in their ballots after November 3.

President Donald Trump has made unsupported claims that mail-in ballots lead to voter fraud.

In recent weeks, the conservative-controlled U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against efforts to change election procedures, including ballot receipt deadlines, invoking a doctrine that holds election rules should not be changed close to a vote.

Although the final vote tallies and certification of election results never take place on election night itself, political analysts have always been able to predict - based on statistical probability - the victor of most races in a general election on the very night polling places close.

As timely mail service plummeted to new lows across the country, according to new data from the US Postal Service, with on-time delivery rates in crucial battleground states dropping below 60 per cent, voters have also expressed concerns that delays could impede arrival of their ballots.

Legislators also passed a bill that repeals a 2013 Republican-backed law requiring a photo ID to vote.

Judge orders USPS to boost service amid election concerns

"Affidavit ballots are counted after the election because the reason that one would vote via affidavit is because their name is not in the poll pad", she said. Theoretically, this should give voters more than enough time to receive their ballot, fill it out, and send it back. For background, absentee ballots are submitted by mail from an absentee.

Pennsylvania is one of many US states that are leaning more heavily on mail voting and early voting amid the coronavirus pandemic. That happened in large part because states were unprepared for the surge in voting by mail during the pandemic, noted Tammy Patrick, a former Arizona election official now with the foundation Democracy Fund.

"They have redone their voting instructions". In Colorado, voters with deficient ballots are notified by text message and allowed to correct the error on their smartphones.

Tony Whitehead, another Richmond resident, said he is concerned about the possibility of ballots being stolen from mailboxes by groups who want the opposing party to win. "With Tennessee reporting thousands of new cases each week, this measure will accommodate voters who missed the deadline for mail-in or absentee voting or could not make it to early voting sites". There is little to no evidence that massive voter fraud will occur in this election cycle.

"Whether you're voting on Election Day, voting early in person, or submitting an absentee ballot, keep in mind to vote Biden/Harris on the WFP line to get rid of Trump and to begin holding them accountable by strengthening our progressive movement", he added.

Recently in Paterson, New Jersey, a municipal election was conducted entirely by mail, and there were issues with fraudulent and stolen mail-in ballots.

Republicans had asked the high court to step in.

"I think the big, lurking question out there is how many ballots arrive after Election Day", Herron said.