John Cena: WWE wrestler congratulates 7-yr old girl who defeated cancer

John Cena: WWE wrestler congratulates 7-yr old girl who defeated cancer

The end result saw Jericho passing out to the submission hold of Strowman and handing the Wyatt's the win. He went to the hospital following the pay-per-view, and a presumably upset Rollins found Sting to apologize for what happened.

It has to be the most common question across all sports. Are you all right? Keep in mind that whoever they bring in has to have a history with Reigns and Ambrose and the Wyatt Family or will be someone that will now be included in the feud going forward.

Reigns with a spear on Braun.

He further added, "They just felt like rubber". Dean Ambrose is out next to a big pop. Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd to another pop. They enter the ring and a fan appears out of nowhere. That said, this brawl and throwing Randy Orton in the mix was one of the top highlights of the show.

Kurt Angle: The Olympian, and multiple time WWE world champion Kurt Angle suffered a major injury when Brock Lesnar performed a shooting star press on him during a match. It also must defend his United States Championship against John Cena.

Jordi acrobatic boy Neville joins forces with Luchas Kalisto and Sin Cara to combat exotic spaced from Stardust, which is assisted by a huge pair climb Konnor and Victor under the new logo for curiosity, cosmic wasteland. They've done too much to build the US title to have to go undefended, and quite frankly uncared about, while Rollins focuses on the big belt. A meathook clothesline and Shellshock finishes Dallas. After a pop up powerbomb was reversed by Ryback, Ryback almost hit Owens with a Shellshock, but Owens was able to escape.

Why Can't WWE Book

About 7,000 members of the WWE Universe will fill the arena with cheers and boos for the likes of John Cena, Seth Rollins and many others.

If the Rock did come back tonight in Houston the place will explode when his music hits. He says he'll help them look for it but he has nothing to do with it. Kane sold it well.

One of the things Bret Hart prides himself the most about is the fact that he never injured any of his opponents. Page tells Charlotte she wouldn't even be there if it weren't for her old man and makes her exit.


A third impromptu match would have ensued for Rollins had the bell rang when 2015 Mr. Money in the Bank winner raced to the ring. It was great to see Corporate Kane has some comedy, and the segment was fun to watch. You have to think this is the end, though a lot of speculation that Paige may turn back heel tonight.