Jimmy Kimmel Taking Summer Break From Show, 'Houseguest' Matt Damon Is Miffed

Jimmy Kimmel

You see, Kimmel is taking a break from hosting for the rest of the summer months (after which time he'll hopefully be back in studio, rather than filming from home), and he took to announcing the news at the end of his most recent show.

In 2017, Kimmel took a break due to the health of his newborn son, William, and guest hosts included Will Arnett, Anthony Anderson, Kristen Bell, David Spade. He plans to take the next few months to spend more time with his family; he's already set to return in September to host the 72nd Emmys on Sunday, Sept. 20.

"While I am gone a cavalcade of very kind and capable people will be filling in for me", Kimmel said. He emphasizes that "there's nothing wrong: My family is healthy, I'm healthy. I'm healthy. I just need a couple of months off", Kimmel says before he's hilariously interrupted by Damon, wearing a robe and sneaking out of one of Kimmel's rooms.

Matt Damon made a guest appearance during Kimmel's announcement, reviving the duo's long-lasting fake feud, and pretended he had been staying in a room at Kimmel's house amid the pandemic. New episodes will begin airing on July 6 after Jimmy Kimmel Live! goes on a two-week hiatus.

In this part of the video, Matt Damon steps out of a room behind the host and interrupts the announcement.

The pair continued their long-running bit on Thursday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! when Kimmel revealed that after this week, he was sidelining himself for the summer after almost two decades on the air. Damon said. Walking away, he added: "Molly, get your mask on. I'm on my way", before telling Kimmel, "have a great summer in the lake or wherever you're going".