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Jim Jordan: Joe Biden must answer questions about Hunter's emails

NEW YORK NY- MAY 28 Hunter Biden attends the T&C Philanthropy Summit with screening of Generosity Of Eye at Lincoln Center with Town & Country

Photos of the obtained documents, published in Fox News's article, included an FBI "Receipt for Property" detailing the agency's interaction with John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the computer fix shop, where the Democratic presidential nominee's son allegedly brought three computers for fix in April 2019. The FBI is said to be investigating whether the emails in the story were part of a foreign influence operation.

"Regarding the subject of your letter, we have nothing to add at this time to the October 19th public statement by the Director of National Intelligence about the available actionable intelligence", the Federal Bureau of Investigation assistant director said in a letter to Republican Sen.

"I have extensive relevant records and communications and I intend to produce those items to both Committees in the immediate future".

The FBI said in a letter to a top Republican lawmaker that it has "nothing to add" to comments made by Director of National Intelligence about a laptop purportedly belonging to the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's son, Hunter, according to The Washington Post.

The Democrats, along with some media, claim the Hunter Biden stories published by the NY Post are "Russian disinformation" and a "false narrative".

"The vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there's no basis at all", he said, calling the allegations "garbage". "New York Post Published Hunter Biden Report Amid Newsroom Doubts", read the October 18 headline, followed by the teaser, "Some reporters withheld their bylines and questioned the credibility of an article that made the tabloid's front page on Wednesday". More than 50 former United States intelligence officials also signed a letter saying they believed the New York Post's story had "all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation".

"Unfortunately, it is Adam Schiff who said the intelligence community believes the Hunter Biden laptop and emails on it are part of a Russian disinformation campaign".

Bevan Cooney, who is now serving a prison sentence for fraud, reportedly provided access to his Gmail account to Breitbart investigative reporter and New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer.

"The Attorney General of Delaware's office indicated that the FBI has 'ongoing investigations regarding the veracity of this entire story.' And it would be unsurprising for an investigation of a disinformation action involving Rudy Giuliani and those assisting him to involve questions about money laundering, especially since there are other documented inquiries into his dealings", Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates told Fox News.

Giuliani visited the New Castle County Police Department in Delaware on Monday and handed over a copy of what he said was Hunter Biden's hard drive, according to a spokesperson for the Delaware Justice Department. One of the reporters whose byline is on the story formerly worked as a producer for the Fox News show "Hannity". The Epoch Times hasn't been able to independently verify the NY Post report.

In an article published last Wednesday, The New York Post revealed emails allegedly recovered from the hard drive of a damaged laptop computer left at a DE shop by Joe Biden's second son in April 2019. Bannon was arrested and charged over the summer with fraud in connection to an online fundraising campaign, and Giuliani is now the focus of a federal criminal investigation over whether he violated foreign lobbying laws.

Mr. Trump was impeached by the House a year ago over his efforts to pressure the current Ukrainian government to investigate Hunter Biden's ties to Burisma.

"It's amusing that some of the people who complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence", he added.