Jerry Stiller, comedian and 'Seinfeld' actor, dies at 92

Jerry Stiller with his son Ben

Leah Remini is paying tribute to Jerry Stiller. Although fellow actors described Stiller as a kind man, he brought a hilarious fury to Frank Costanza, a character with many idiosyncrasies who could be set off by the most unusual circumstances. A great actor, a great man, a lovely friend.

Born in NY in 1927, Stiller spent many years in a comedy team with his wife Anne Meara, who died in 2015.

Stiller had lost his wife, Anne Meara, in 2015.

The pair had often entertained together appearing as Stiller and Meara on The Ed Sullivan Show.

This prompts Stiller to deliver the now-famous line, "You want a piece of me?!" - which he has to repeat as Louis-Dreyfus erupts again in giggles. Jerry Stiller is also known for playing Walter Matthau's police sidekick in the thriller The Taking of Pelham One Two Three and Divine's husband Wilbur Turnblad in John Waters' comedy titled Hairspray.

"One of the most kind, loving, and amusing people to ever grace this earth". She recalled their special "talks off screen" and "the kindness he had shown to me and my family".

Parry Shen told a great story about Stiller saving his job on King of Queens.

USA comedian Jerry Stiller, father of actor Ben Stiller, has died of natural causes aged 92. After Seinfeld, he had a long run on King of Queens.

He was married to comedy actress Anne Meara with whom he formed the comedy team Stiller and Meara.