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Jeremy Corbyn: Referendum on Brexit deal 'reasonable' if backed by MPs

Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to back another public vote on Brexit

Both took a fudged view on how to go about Brexit while the remainers including the Lib Dems and the hard brexiters led by the newly formed Brexit Part, garnered most votes.

A new Lib Dem leader will be in place on July 23 after Sir Vince announced his decision to stand down earlier this year, and Ms Swinson will face competition from former cabinet minister Sir Ed Davey.

So far, 11 candidates are vying to replace May as prime minister and leader of the Conservative party, which this month suffered heavy losses in local elections and its worst ever performance in a nationwide vote in European Parliament elections.

"They are the people driving this and they are the people risking oblivion for the Labour Party".

However, despite the good poll showing, YouGov's Chris Curtis cautioned against the Lib Dems getting too carried away.

"I remember a meeting after the Brexit vote with a group of 20 women working on both sides".

Defending his comments on the eve of poll that he understood people who were not planning to vote Labour, he said: "That's hardly campaigning for another party".

She launched her campaign today and is the bookies' favourite.

May's lack of majority in parliament added to her difficulty in seeking to pass a Brexit deal, but despite her successor facing the same parliamentary numbers, several contenders have said a national election should not be held before Britain has left the EU.

If approved, humble addresses are considered to be binding on the House.

"Labour lost votes to the Lib Dems and to the Brexit Party".

Mr Campbell reeled off names of those disagreeing with Mr Corbyn as he gave his first interview since being expelled from Labour after admitting voting Liberal Democrat in the European elections as a protest.

He said Jeremy Corbyn's closest colleagues think he is "bonkers" on Brexit - adding muted support for another referendum is increasingly isolating him from his own frontbenchers.

One of the candidates, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, said it would be "political suicide" to pursue a no-deal Brexit, a reprimand to front-runner Boris Johnson who said last week that Britain should leave with or without a deal by the end of October.

Campbell, who was expelled from the party for voting for the Liberal Democrats in the European Union elections, wouldn't be drawn on when he would be voting Labour again, but said he had wanted to.

YouGov surveyed 1,736 British adults on May 28-29.