Jay-Z Puts Entire Catalog Back on Spotify for 50th Birthday

JAY-Z Spotify Clip

This latest move from Jay Z raises further questions about the current status of Tidal.

It's unclear what has changed since 2017 to make way for Carter's return to Spotify, but it likely has something to do with Tidal's inability to draw users away from Spotify and Apple Music.

After a two-year absence, his music is finally back available on the streaming platform.

Spotify announced on Wednesday that Jay-Z's entire catalogue has returned to the music streaming service.

"Happy birthday, Hov. Welcome back to Spotify", the company said on Twitter alongside a video highlighting each album coming to the service. Rather than allow his music to be streamed on established platforms like Spotify and Deezer, he instead chose to start his own platform.

Anyway, you might as well start at the beginning...

Jay-Z had removed his discography from Spotify in 2017. Hard Knock Life, along with his 2004 album with Linkin Park, Collision Course, he has since re-uploaded seminal records like American Gangster, Watch The Throne and The Black Album for fans to enjoy. He originally removed his songs from both Apple Music and Spotify in April 2017, although they were nearly immediately reinstated on the former.