Jared Kushner suggests black Americans need to want to be more successful

Stuart C. Wilson ROBYN BECK  AFP via Getty Images

Kushner added that Trump administration policies will help Black people overcome problems that the community has been "complaining about".

Jared Kushner appeared on Fox News Monday to talk about Donald Trump's impact on Black Americans and guess what, it didn't go well!

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the re-election message on the economy would be "better" for President Donald Trump as a result of the coronavirus, senior adviser Jared Kushner said in an interview.

'You want to understand what's going on in the Black community, ask the white folks that are marching with all these Black Lives Matter kids, 'cause they're saying, 'We get it, why don't you?' When you talk about what you're going to do for the Black community, don't tell me you're going to pass this law or that law, because you had an opportunity to do that. Given how many used Cube's words as ammunition against the Democratic party, it's no wonder they're looking to rewrite some of the narratives now plaguing the party. "They're seeing he's actually delivered".

Trump lost among Black voters by about 82 percentage points in 2016 but has closed the gap in support to about 71 points this year, according to an analysis of polling data FiveThirtyEight.com published last week.

Mr Kushner's remarks drew swift criticism from Democrats.

Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia accused Kushner of "casual racism".

In the same Fox News interview, Mr Kushner criticised athletes and others who protested against racism on social media and on the sporting field.

A Black man, Floyd was killed after a white police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes in May, sparking widespread protests over racial inequality and police brutality organized by Black Lives Matter and other groups. "You saw a lot of people who were just virtue signaling, they'd go on Instagram and cry or they would put a slogan on their jersey or write something on a basketball court". "Quite frankly, that was doing more to polarize the country than it was to bring people forward". Instead of following the health experts' advice, Trump and Kushner were focused on what would help the President on Election Day.

"You solve problems with solutions".