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Japan health workers get COVID vaccination

Japan health workers get COVID vaccination

It is one of two in California that are part of a White House program to establish 100 federally-run vaccination sites nationwide in the first 100 days of President Joe Biden's administration.

Workers at Tokyo Medical Center were among the first of some 40,000 medical professionals targeted to receive the initial shipments of the vaccine. Many people have a vague unease about vaccines, partly because their side effects have often been played up by media here. "I'm frustrated because we've shown that SF can administer shots as soon as they come in".

"But it wasn't painful, so it was good". But Japan fell behind because it asked Pfizer to hold clinical trials with Japanese people before opening vaccinations to all. "We now have better protection, and I hope we feel more at ease as we provide medical treatment". "There's no real pain or swelling", she told national broadcaster NHK.

Supplies of imported vaccines will determine the progress of the vaccination drive in Japan, Kono said. The city is expected to receive about 58,000 doses of the vaccine this week and about 16,000 doses are used each day, according to the mayor.

The programme will extend later to those with preexisting conditions or working with the elderly, and eventually to the general population, but there has been little detail yet on the timing for that.

He also acknowledged he had "no idea" how much of the population will be vaccinated by this summer's postponed Olympics.

"I'm not really taking the Olympics into my consideration".

Supplies of imported vaccines are a major concern because of supply shortages and restrictions in Europe, where many are manufactured. So far, the government has provided conditional approval to just Pfizer-BioNtech for its vaccine.

Athletes in some countries have already been vaccinated, while other NOCs have said they will wait for other priority groups before seeking vaccines for their competitors.

Daily Covid-19 cases in Malaysia may fall below 1,000 in April, and can drop to double digits by end-May if people adhere to standard operating procedures, Health Director-General Noor Hisham Abdullah said at a separate briefing.

Japan has not seen the massive outbreaks that have buffeted the United States and many European countries, but a spike in cases in December and January raised concerns and led to a partial state of emergency that includes requests for restaurants and bars to close early.

Organisers and officials have outlined virus countermeasures they say will keep the Games safe even without requiring participants to be vaccinated or quarantined on arrival.