Ivey invokes state of emergency for Alabama ahead of severe weather threat

Severe weather expected Wednesday, Thursday in Newton

Some areas are at a high risk of violent long-track tornadoes, damaging winds of over 80 miles per hour as well as tennis ball-sized hail, the service said.

All facets of severe weather ranging from large hail and flash flooding to damaging straight-line wind gusts and tornadoes can occur from Tuesday evening through Thursday evening in what is likely to evolve into a significant severe thunderstorm and tornado outbreak.

Storms were possible all the way from northern Texas in the west to northern IL and as far east as the Carolinas.

The severe weather is part of a system that has taken aim at the South in recent days. If it stays a bit further south it could limit our severe to only our southwest counties (under an Enhanced and Moderate risk).

Severe weather expected Wednesday, Thursday in Newton

Long-track tornadoes consistently remain on the ground for an extended period of time, unlike a typical one that could be on the ground for just minutes.

The Alabama Emergency Management Agency warned the storms could be a "dangerous and life-threatening event".

Other officials also urged residents of the state to prepare. If you don't feel comfortable riding out a storm where you live, make a plan regarding when you would leave your home and where you would go.

The test is part of Severe Weather Preparedness Week which runs through Sunday.