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Ivanka Trump briefly sits in for her father at G20 session

Ivanka Trump briefly sits in for her father at G20 session

Regardless, Ivanka Trump's assumption of her father's seat is highly unusual, considering the fact that she is a world leader's close family member, as well as an unpaid advisor and assistant to the president who has no experience or expertise in diplomacy or policy.

A White House official told AFP that Ivanka had been at the back of the room but "briefly joined the main table when the president had to step out".

The unelected daughter of the USA president, who has an official but unpaid White House role, attended a working session in place of Trump earlier today.

But when the 35-year-old former fashion executive sat at the table with Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Angela Merkel and Theresa May, Trump's enemies pounced.

Donald Trump had his daughter Ivanka fill in for him during a G20 meeting on Saturday when he left to hold private meetings with other world leaders. Trump has said the USA will commit $50 million United States to the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi).

Ivanka was seen taking Donald Trump's seat at the G-20 Summit during the "Partnership with Africa, Migration, and Health" meeting. While life would undoubtedly be "easier" away from the White House, Ivanka appears to have embraced the opportunities that have come her way since her father became the president.

According to ABC News, a White House official responded to the talk surrounding the photo by stating that the first daughter's presence at the table was a momentary and standard move.

"If being complicit is wanting a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I'm complicit", she said.

While it seems odd for Ivanka to be at the leaders' table, this practice is in line with what other nations do during the summit.

However, Russia's summit representative tweeted that when President Trump was out of the room for bilateral meetings, the first daughter sat in a replacement. "Might be the only bad thing she has going".

"You're helping women all over the world, and I want to thank you", he added.

When the president later addressed the gathering, he read from prepared remarks, "I'm very proud of my daughter Ivanka". She came under scrutiny for being present at a meeting, at which reporters were not allowed, between Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in November previous year.