'IT'S HORRIBLE' Veteran shot after baseball game may never walk again

Man Paralyzed After Being Shot While Leaving Cardinals’ Game

A man who was mugged and shot in the back after leaving a St. Louis Cardinals game with his girlfriend has a shattered spinal cord that could leave him paralyzed, his mother said.

She says "there was no hope for him to walk". The couple complied, and then ran away from the scene.

43-year-old Christopher Sanna, of House Springs MO and his girlfriend were walking to their vehicle, when a car pulled up to the couple and the driver got out with a handgun and demanding their property.

The automotive store manager in St. Louise County was rushed to hospital and was joined by his adult daughter, mother and brothers as soon as they could be alerted.

The suspects in the armed robbery are still at large, and the FBI is assisting local cops in the manhunt.

The victim's mother is grappling with guilt after suggesting she and her four sons go to Friday's game against the Milwaukee Brewers for her 60th birthday. But now, I'm scared to go down there. Chris was shot while walking back to his car from Busch Stadium in downtown St. Louis.


Sanna was able to give some details of the events, saying the gunman was a black man in his 20s who was shirtless and had dreadlocks. In the mean time, make sure to check out Candis Sanna's GoFundMe page to contribute to Chris Sanna's recovery and get updates from the family.