'It's about time': In historic first, two powerful women flank United States president

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President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress.

Harris entered the House chamber Wednesday night to a round of applause for Biden's first joint-session address to Congress. Photos of the two beginning the night with an elbow-bump, replacing the traditional handshake amid the pandemic, is now going viral. Pelosi, who became the first woman speaker of the House of Representatives in 2007, sat to his left. "It's about time", Pelosi said hours before the speech.

The Biden administration has agreed to train members of a Guatemalan task force so it can protect its borders from a migrant surge - as part of what Vice President Kamala Harris is describing as a "comprehensive approach" to the crisis from countries south of the border.

Pelosi, for her part, has led the Democratic Party's House caucus for almost two decades and shattered her share of glass ceilings along the way, as she noted in an Wednesday interview with MSNBC.

He acknowledged the moment by noting during his address to Congress after Ms Pelosi's election that he had the privilege of being the first president to open with the words "madam speaker". She has sat there for several addresses by Presidents George W Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

"The word diplomacy generally suggests a relationship between government leaders, but I believe it has to be broader than that", she said.

'Normal, ' she told reporters in the Capitol as she walked to the House chamber, when asked the significance of two women seated behind the president. She reclaimed the powerful leadership post during Trump's presidency and sat behind him during his final two speeches to Congress, famously ripping up her copy of Trump's remarks in 2020 as cameras continued to roll after he was finished addressing lawmakers.

Ms Harris, 56, made history past year when she became the first woman and first black and Indian American person elected vice president.

President Biden turns to applaud Vice President Kamala Harris as he speaks to a joint session of Congress. 'But for now this is a particularly gratifying moment'.

Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, reacts to Vice President Kamala Harris saying "COVID issues" are why she isn't visiting the southern border yet.

History was made in the U.S. on Thursday.