ISIS releases video threatening United States , NY City

NEW YORK Police officers stand guard in Times Square on Wednesday in New York. The New York Police Department says it’s aware of a newly released Islamic State group video showing images of Times Square but says there’s no current or specific threat

The video shows several scenes in Manhattan including Times Square, a Gap in Herald Square, T.G.I.

At the end of the video a suicide bomber is shown making an explosive vest, putting it on and zipping up his jacket.

NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio, meanwhile, urged his city's residents to go about their lives and not allow such threats to affect their normal ways of life, the news channel noted.

The release of the video comes just days after the terrorist attack in Paris, prompting concern for New Yorkers and anyone who plans to travel to the city during the holiday season.

"Stoking fear is the goal of terrorist organizations, but NY City will not be intimidated".

"We will not submit to their wishes", he said.

"Being quite frank with you, there is nothing new about that video", said NYPD Commissioner William Bratton.

The imagery of the mayor and NYPD police commissioner at Times Square was created to not only send a message to New Yorkers as well as to ISIS but also to those planning to visit the city in the next few weeks.

He explained that there's nothing "new" about the video, which appears to be a compilation of scenes from other previously released IS videos.

"This is an old video that was kind of rehashed", he told CNN.

"There is, as we have repeated frequently, no city in America that is better prepared to defend and protect against a terrorist attack".

"Just in this last week, we've initiated the first wave of our new Critical Response Command, which will grow to 500 officers specifically dedicated to anti-terrorism activities", he said.

He said that after the Paris attacks, he has directed state agencies to enhance their preparedness out of an abundance of caution and remain in close contact with local and federal authorities.

ISIS considers the USA its enemy and wants to target a busy city that may affect the entire nation.

The threat to NY follows one made against Washington Monday in an Islamic State video that also threatened all countries, it says, "that take part in the crusader campaign".


The footage, says the NY Police Department, isn't new, and contains elements similar to those used in a video released back in April.