Is that a wedding dress in Kylie Jenner's hand?

Is that a wedding dress in Kylie Jenner's hand?

The self-made billionaire is getting ready to jet set off to a luxury yacht in Italy with boyfriend Travis Scott, 28, and other family and friends to celebrate her birthday on August 10 and now that a fancy dress and possible suit in garment bags have been seen among the items she's bringing, there's speculation that the celebration may also double up as a wedding!

TMZ broke the news and shared a photo with the dress and its ruffled hem peeking out from below the garment bag. For some, though, they do feel it looks like a wedding gown and there is no other explanation than Kylie and Travis are ready to tie the knot.

Whether or not they become Mr. & Mrs. this week, one this is for sure: Kylie and her crew are sure to have an incredible time.

FYI. Kylie and Travis have been together for a little over 2 years.

Kylie has so far been showered in gifts in the run-up to her birthday, with sister Kim Kardashian giving her a sofa which is a large pair of lips. Are these two love birds and parents to one-year-old Stormi jetting off to Italy for a secret wedding ceremony? Boards Plane With Travis and Wedding Dress, BUT ...

The source stated the following.

A source tells ET there is no truth to the rumors that the cosmetics queen could be getting married to her rapper boyfriend this weekend while on her vacation.

Ahead of her birthday, Kylie's beau surprised her with a romantic gesture for his special lady.

Kylie and Travis have kept fans guessing over their relationship status for months, as they often refer to each other as "husband" and "wife". Do you think that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are planning to get married on her birthday?