Is Adele's 'Hello' too Similar to Tom Waits 'Martha'

Some reckon the two songs sounds similar

Adele's new single "Hello" is continuing to rule world, breaking records and, obviously, sitting pretty at the top of the charts. But the number of listeners comparing the song to a 40-year-old track by Tom Waits has been steadily increasing since the song's release.

Wait's "Martha" details a man calling up his old lover after many years, and contains the lyrics: "Hello, hello there, is this Martha?". The obvious comparison was Lionel Richie, but now music fans have noticed a similarity between Adele's "Hello" and another song: Tom Waits' "Martha".

This in the same week that furiously litigious pop sensation Taylor Swift is being sued for £27m damages after accusations that her song "Shake it off" contains lyrics plagiarised from Jesse Braham's 'Haters gonna hate. I know it's crazy to imagine, but there used to be a time in which friends/family/exes/colleagues would go long stretches without talking or staying updated on each others' lives. Don't worry 'bout the cost / Cause it's been 40 years or more, now Martha please recall.

Fans of Tom Waits' 1970s hit say Adele's new single is just a rip off. It sold more than 1.1 million digital songs in its first week alone. They use the word "Hello", sing about the passage of time and depict a telephone call.

Writing on twitter one user commented: "The new Adele song (which I've finally heard) is essentially just "Martha" by Tom Waits tho isn't it.' Another tweeted: 'Adele I love you BUT Tom Waits nailed that song on his 73 debut'".


However, producer and songwriter Greg Kurstin, who worked with Adele on the track, specifically named Tom Waits as an inspiration in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last month.