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Iraqi Troops Wounded in Attack on Air Base North of Baghdad

Military Sources Four Rockets Hit Iraq Base Hosting U.S. Troops		Amir Kholousi ISNA via APBreitbart News12 Jan 2020

United States bases in Iraq were also hit by a ballistic missile attack from Iran on January 8. Iraqi officials have confirmed "threatening calls" from the U.S. over the troops, insisting that they have no intention of leaving Iraq just because Iraq is asking.

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"The president's interpretation of that intelligence is very consistent with it", he said.

"They won't say so publicly". Half way through the attack, Chase learned the missiles were being launched from Iran.

More than 5,000 U.S. troops have been deployed in Iraq to support the Iraqi forces in the battles against Islamic State militants.

The US has around 21, 41,900 military personnel in total including the active personnel and the reserve forces.

"I'd received information it was going to be a missile attack, and it was going to be Ain al-Assad". "So we were informed of that".

The move came after Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps' elite Quds Force, was assassinated in a US drone strike on January 3 outside Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. Forklifts lifted rubble and loaded it onto trucks from an area the size of a football stadium. It didn't appear any USA soldiers or citizens were injured in the attack.

The sprawling complex in the western Anbar province is about 180 kilometers west of Baghdad and is shared with the Iraqi military. reports that the latest attack comes just when US President Donald Trump, on Sunday, January 12, gave new conditions to embattled Iran as tension grows over the detention of British ambassador Rob Macaire.

"When a rocket strikes that's one thing; but a ballistic missile, it's like terror", he said. "Right now, this base is not created to defend against missiles". He described soldiers who lived through the attack as "warriors".

Due to the long intervals between the barriers, some curious soldiers peeked out to investigate the damage.

"After the first boom, I was confused and so I stuck my head out to see what it was", said Capt. Jeffrey Hansen, 30, from North Carolina. "The second bang blew some debris into my face".

Balad is the main airbase for Iraq's F-16s, which it bought from the United States to upgrade its air capacities.

Two Iraqi officials told Kuwait's Aljarida newspaper that the United States subsequently delivered an extraordinary indirect verbal message to the office of resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the newspaper reported today. The base was ringed by large concrete barriers blackened by the bombardment.

"I was 100% ready to die", he added.