IOS (and iPad OS) 14.2 Public Beta now available

IOS (and iPad OS) 14.2 Public Beta now available

According to reports, Apple may be preparing the iOS 14.1 update to go along the release of iPhone 12 in October as the software will become available by October 9.

Now you should see a placeholder app icon next to the Shortcut you have created (which you will have named after the app you want to open).

Search for, and select, the app whose icon you want to customise.

Here's how to customize iOS 14 and how to change app icons on your iPhone.

In the upcoming update, the music recognition app will be added to the "Control Center" on iPhones. Just swipe down your homescreen and search for "Shortcuts".

Tap the placeholder app icon. Some people have gone as far as to recreate a NookPhone from Animal Crossing: New Horizons in real life.

In the upper-right corner, tap the "Add" button.

"New features help you get what you need in the moment". That's the action that we're interested in employing for the purposes of this tutorial. At this point, pick the app you want to open.

In the New Shortcuts screen that appears, tap the blue "Choose" link.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we've gone for the stock camera app. My fellow olds and I discovered the whippersnappers are all going nuts over making their home screens "aesthetic AF" thanks to this one viral video. Its looks don't suggest that, but it's the one responsible for said shortcut's customization. You can enable these features by heading to Settings Accessibility Touch Back Tap. Naturally, you'll need to have both the latest version of the operating system and the apps, and then just make the switch inside settings. As such, an app no longer needs to be present on the home screen to be on your phone - before iOS 14, those two things were the same. Along with these three, Siri is now available in Indian languages, and there are over 20 new documents fonts specific for India to give users more choice while typing.

Then scroll down to "Back Tap".

Technically speaking, the app icons you create won't be truly transparent as the app icons will be solid images. IPhone owners can now set Gmail as the default email app instead of the Mail app.

Widgets are essentially dynamic app icons that show information like the weather, upcoming calendar events, progress toward your activity goals, photos from your image library, and more.