Instagram Lite app removed from Play Store, new app in works

Facebook shuts down Instagram Lite app but a relaunch is still in the cards

Almost two years after its initial launch, Instagram Lite is no longer supported and has vanished from the Google Play store. "It lets you filter and post photos to the feed or Stories, watch Stories and browse the Explore page, but now lacks the options to share videos or Direct message friends", Tech Crunch reported.

Those who have Instagram Lite installed are being encouraged to move over to the full app.

Parent company Facebook confirmed via a statement to TechCrunch that the app is being rolled back. With no specific timeframe provided, however, we wouldn't hold our breath.

Mexico was the first market to receive Instagram lite and accounted for the majority installs at 62% of its total installs. It was ranked No.8 in Kenya in the Social category on Google play, as well as No.12 in Peru, No.15 in Mexico and No.22 in the Philippines. The second-largest market was the Philippines, with 14% of installs.

On April 15, it vanished from the charts, indicating a removal in those regions, which the company has now confirmed.

Even though it is very unusual for Facebook to pull out the application when an update is being planned, we are all still waiting for what's in store for Instagram Lite in the future.

The app was launched on Google Play in June 2018 without any fan following.

Much of this is conjecture at this point, but seeing as how Instagram Lite is aimed at emerging markets, and given the usual high cost of data in those regions, removing the app's availability amid the current COVID-19 pandemic does strike us as a tad odd.

Facebook recently launched Messenger Rooms, a platform that can be used to video call up to 50 people.

According to the app researcher, Jane, this new feature will surely make the boring chat more colorful with and users will use the platform for texting frequently. However, Facebook suggested that users can head over to Instagram's regular app instead to socialize.

The company is now testing the new Instagram chat color feature, an app researcher told. Alternately, they can use Instagram via the web from their phone.