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Ice Cube Clarifies That He Has Not Endorsed Trump Or Biden

Ice Cube Clarifies That He Has Not Endorsed Trump Or Biden

Despite claiming he would NEVER endorse Donald Trump, Ice Cube is taking heat for working with the president's re-election campaign on his plan to achieve racial economic justice for Black Americans.

He tweets, "Facts: I put out the CWBA". Dems said we'll address the CWBA"-which stands for Contract With Black America- "after the election".

Ice Cube helped the Trump administration absorb part of the CWBA into the Platinum Plan.

"Every side is the Darkside for us here in America".

On Wednesday, the internet gasped and sobbed when Katrina Pierson, a senior adviser for the Trump administration, made it known that the Oppressor In Chief had formed an unlikely partnership with the rapper who, in 2018, released a song titled Arrest the President.

The Platinum Plan is a proposal by Trump's reelection campaign to increase access to capital by nearly $500 billion, create 3 million new jobs, provide more affordable healthcare, and make Juneteenth a national holiday among other initiatives meant to economically empower the Black Americans if he is reelected.

The Boyz n the Hood actor then addressed concerns from fans that he had gone over to the "Darkside" by arguing that all politicians are on the Darkside and that to make changes for the community, they have to negotiate with whoever is in power.

In response to a tweet from The Washington Post, who wrote, "Ice Cube once rapped about arresting Trump".

"Who is Ice Cube that the Democratic Party would feel the need to talk to him about the broad political concerns of Black America?" She wrote, "Leaders gonna lead, haters gonna hate. Black people, we can take anything", he said. "Thank you for leading!" followed by the medium-brown raised fist emoji after thanking the Friday star. We gotta just push whoever's in there because no one's solved our problems. People say we can't take another four years of this. "I believe Joe Biden still needs to show us his MAJOR plan to help heal the BLACK community to totally secure the vote", Ice Cube tweeted out in June.

A rep for Cube tells Rolling Stone that he offered to meet with both the Trump and Biden campaigns to discuss an "agenda for Black Americans" and support for his Contract With Black America (CWBA).

The Platinum Plan was created a by the Trump administration to lay out ways in which they will help Black America, should Trump get re-elected.

"The wild thing is that Eazy E went to a fundraiser at the George HW Bush White House in 1991 and got criticized about *for the rest of his life.* Ice Cube apparently forgot about that when he made a decision to collaborate with an infinitely worse administration", journalist Jelani Cobb tweeted. "Our justice is bipartisan".