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Hundreds of kids enjoy Easter Egg Hunt at Northwest Fresno church

Hundreds of kids enjoy Easter Egg Hunt at Northwest Fresno church

"We all just made a decision to let them have their time in and let them get their turn because a lot of kids have needs that we can't sometimes go up to", said Gonzalez.

Gregory Park, with its spoked paved trails extending out from the center recessed hub, provided a single gathering spot to start the event and allowed organizers to easily establish quadrants for the age groups of egg hunters ranging from age 2 to 9.

If you missed the Easter egg hunt today, here are some egg hunts happening on Easter Sunday. "It's a great time".

As a part of their 2017 Easter Weekend, the church held their community-wide Easter Egg Drop event Saturday afternoon for all to see and participate.

This was Tebbetts' first time keeping an eye out for Brayden, who seemed like a seasoned pro at grabbing as numerous candy-filled, multi-colored plastic Easter eggs he could carry.

With Easter just one day away and the weather in the low 70s, it was a ideal day for kids to hunt for Easter eggs and learn a thing or two about animals at the same time. The event brought almost 500 children to Gregory Park Saturday. This was her first time enjoying the Easter egg hunt.

The first Easter Eggstravaganza was specifically geared towards children with special needs and their families.

"We do it to try to get our congregation membership up", Brewer said.

"We have a big turnout. While there's lots of fun elements for the kids with the Easter eggs, we sing, we talk, we discuss all the hope that's found in the resurrection, one we hope that everyone will come to know and experience", said Pastor Bill Lemorey. "The whole family is out there".

This Bridge Church and community members celebrated the day before Easter at Lakebottom Park picking up some gifts courtesy of the Easter Bunny. "That's why we had an area fenced off where he could come in and go out without having to go over all the people standing around", he said. "He has so much fun".