Huawei to shift phones to its own Harmony operating system from 2021

Huawei to bring Harmony OS to smartphones next year

"Next year, Huawei's smartphones will all be upgraded to support Harmony OS 2.0", Richard Yu, the company's CEO for its consumer business, said during Huawei's developer conference on Thursday.

Huawei has launched the new version of its Harmony operating system, declaring it will be ready for smartphones next year.

Harmony OS 2.0 is the first distributed operating system that is truly built with cross platform support in mind, according to Huawei.

"Starting on 10 September, HarmonyOS is open to 128KB-128MB IoT devices, such as smart TVs, wearables, cars and more". Lastly, the beta version of the OS for smartphones will be available to the Chinese developers in the beginning.

It's quite evident that the newer Huawei smartphones will be coming with Harmony OS. However, it seems that it will be limited to China initially. The company created Harmony OS because it feared that the company will get banned from using Google's Android OS. Therefore Huawei owners are wondering when is EMUI 11 migrating to the Android 11 base.

Yu Chengdong announced that starting from September 10th, Harmony OS will be open sourced for 128KB-128MB terminal devices such as large screens, watches, and vehicle machines.

Our experts still have not found Harmony Operating System 2.0 on a cell phone right now, so our experts're certainly not totally certain what to anticipate. In the first half of this year, in the context of limited chip procurement, Huawei's global shipments of mobile phones reached 105 million, and consumer business sales revenue was 255.8 billion yuan.

Huawei, which came to the fore with the operating system announced after the USA embargo, continues to develop its new operating system rapidly.

It now allows for quick file transfer between Huawei smartphones and laptops, mirroring your phone screen to external displays such as televisions, and has its own voice assistant called Celia. Due to the United States trade ban, EMUI 11 lacks Google Mobile Services that offer Google Play and other apps of the search giant. But that's still a long way short of the millions of apps available on Google Play.

HarmonyOS will offer interoperability between devices made by Huawei and those made by Honor - a Huawei subsidiary. "Huawei will fully open core technologies as well as software and hardware capabilities to developers, collaborating with them to drive further innovation of an all-scenario smart ecosystem".