How ‘Riverdale’ addressed Luke Perry’s untimely death

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The teen drama's fourth season got underway on Wednesday night (09.10.19) as it was revealed the late actor's alter ego Fred Andrews had saved a woman - played by his real life friend Shannen Doherty - by pushing her out of the way from a speeding auto, which hit him instead.

Though the episode was closed off with regard to the mystery of Fred's death, Archie did make a vow to live closer to the person his dad was and mature. From there, we saw the patriarch's funeral, where Archie told a story about how he can't wait to show his kids the parts of the town his father built. "It felt like that's a way Fred could've gone".

He explained: "It did suggest a path for Archie, which is about growing up a little more quickly than he would have and and giving senior year this nearly melancholy feel". There have been, sadly, a lot of tribute episodes on television, and one of my favorites is the Friday Night Lights episode where the football player's father dies. "On the show, he's always kind of been our moral center".

Aguirre-Sacasa has teased that while they're still throwing around a few ideas for what could have happened there, but it likely won't be addressed until the middle of season 4. And when we were working on the episode, we know that there would be some characters outside of our cast of characters that would be involved. "I love you so much, Dad".

The tragic death of Luke Perry means that we have seen the last of Fred Andrews.

Y'all know I'm a fan of Shannen Doherty and of the Brenda/Dylan relationship on 90210, so even if I wasn't a fan of Riverdale, I would have checked this out.

Wondering what we can expect from the latest episode of Riverdale? Shannon was really happy and really thankful that they asked her to do that part.

Luke passed away during the end of season three's filming and then it was announced that his character was "out of town", and Archie's mum, Mary (played by Molly Ringwald) was brought in to fill the gaps.

How will the episode honor Luke and Fred?

While the devastating episode played out on TV screens, the cast took to social media to share tributes of their deceased castmate.

In the Season 4 premiere, Betty stands alone at his grave, which is covered in trash and been defaced with spray-painted words: "The Black Hood burns in Hell".

'We love, honor, and cherish his memory every single day'.

The star died after suffering a stroke in March aged 52. But the result is a handsome tribute to our friend.

In the first photo she can be seen posing next to KJ Apa, Mädchen Amick and Luke Perry.