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Hong Kong Disneyland Will Close Again Amid Coronavirus Spike


"There is a proposal of measures especially proposed by Germany and France that I will support because we need to react to what is happening in Hong Kong", said Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde said before a rare meeting in person with her European Union counterparts in Brussels. The party disbanded when China imposed the new law. My destination: "London", Nathan Law wrote on Twitter, a week and a half after saying he had left Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau said in a statement late on Monday that it had received public complaints that the weekend poll may have "jeopardised the integrity of the electoral process".

This would be a really hard undertaking at the most effective of instances, and the federal government has previously hinted that it may bar probably dozens of candidates from all those elections beneath the new safety regulation, which criminalizes secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces.

Earlier this month Beijing imposed a sweeping national security law aimed at stamping out the demonstrations once and for all.

Mr Law is a one-time student leader who rose to prominence during mass protests in 2014.

European Union officials say China's Hong Kong moves are a breach of global obligations based on the United Kingdom.

The EU had initially signaled it would steer clear of any specific measures to respond to China's tightened control over Hong Kong, but in recent weeks senior EU officials said Beijing's moves must not go unchallenged.

"It's a proxy referendum against the national security law", said Democratic lawmaker Eddie Chu outside a metro station.

Speaking after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said China's "very draconian" decisions in imposing the national-security law on the island are undermining its autonomy and freedoms and "will clearly have an impact on our relations" with China.

Hong Kong has long served as an important trade and investment conduit between Taiwan and China, which have no diplomatic relations.

Borrell said European Union governments could announce national steps separately, but the 27-nation bloc viewed its response as a package to be defined and made reality "in the coming days".

"The potential for arbitrary application of the national security law is frightening to many and Hong Kong's judiciary is powerless to protect the people and rule of law", one respondent told AmCham.

A common scenario was that once the central authorities exercised their power according to the Basic Law, such people would "fly into a rage", claiming "interference" or "overreach", Lau said.

However, chamber members were quite split about the law, with a significant minority seeing it as positive for business and Hong Kong overall.