Home Circuit game cartridge?

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Focusing heavily on the tropical nature and the game's use of water mechanics, these beauts come with a water-printed Formstripe on the lateral that would sit right at home in the GameCube classic. The excitement this led to has made Home Circuit the number one gaming must-buy for the upcoming holiday season.

You can purchase the game for the suggested retail price of $99.99 United States dollars and you can choose between a Mario kart or a Luigi kart.

Mario Kart streamer BearUNLV was playing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and driving the kart through his hallway and various bedrooms. Home Circuit isn't your traditional karting experience that we're all used to, though. Race in different Grand Prix Cups to unlock customization options for your own Custom Race, or play with up to 3 friends as you race for the finish line. It's called Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, and the concept is as simple as simple can be, as you'll be using actual Mario Kart RC vehicles and controlling them via your Nintendo Switch to have races within your own home. If boosted or hit with a shell, the kart responds by speeding up or slowing down in real life, and if it bumps against a real-life obstacle, the kart halts in the game as well. A camera-equipped Mario or Luigi Kart is also included, which can be controlled with a Nintendo Switch.

Home Circuit represents an exciting step into augmented reality for the company - shop the just launched sets that are bound to become best-sellers, below, before they're sold out.